Prophecy 2022 By Chioma Emmanuel

As I was waiting upon the Lord towards the new year 2022.
Thou says the Lord ”the Year 2022 is the year of revelation”.

  1. Year of reward to true believers. And year of Judgement to the wicked.
  2. Flood of judgment that has never been seen before, the bad flood and storms will occur from the South Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. All the countries in riverine areas will affected
  3. Japan is seriously submerged underneath the ocean.
  4. New deadly double Covid variants will be discovered before the end of the month January 2022. Floura Plus influenza combined, that will kill many. Will be discovered from the Holy city.
  5. Ebola is coming back not only in Africa but in Western countries and will kill many. Hatred directed towards Asians during Covid-19, will be directed towards Africans because of Ebola.
  6. World Financial Meltdown. Many businesses will go down, however, the true believers will be the distributors of food and wealth because of God’s abundance.
  7. Nigerians will face new fresh of attack by many nations where they lived in Africa.
  8. Political Problems in Nigeria. Power is shifting from the North.
  9. “No peace with the wicked in 2022” says the Lord.
  10. Weather fire, hurricane and flood in west Asia, Australia and Europe.
  11. United Kingdom Prime Minister “Boris Johnson” serious health challenge. Let’s pray for him.
  12. IPOB leader Kanu and Yoruba Agitation leader Sunday Igboho will be killed.
  13. Boko Haram will be curtailed, however the new one coming will be worse. Pirates.
  14. Hunger and lack of jobs will cause serious rioting in Nigeria.
  15. Many deaths in Nigeria because of ritual killings.
  16. Prayer against plane crash in Nigeria
  17. Prayer against train derailment.
  18. Prayer against markets burning and fuel tankers fire incidents.
  19. Nations rise against nations. Pray against war.
  20. But great year for believers with evidence and great results.
  21. Nigerian President Buhari may not live to finish his time.
  22. Bad year for Nollywood Industry. Let’s pray for their A-lists star against sudden death.

  23. Wind of judgement and terrible flood coming to United Kingdom , that will destroy many things. Flood all over our nations in the United Kingdom.
  24. Flood all over the west coasts of Africa.
    Lagos will be terribly affected
  25. I saw some big politicians that God have used in Nigeria going, both the good and the bad ones: President Buhari, APC national leader Asiwaju Tinubu etc.
  26. Ife King need to be careful not to be assassinated.
  27. Leaders in assassination lists. Russian President Putin by people around him.
  28. Exposures and judgements against many big and small evil Pastors all over the world.
  29. Judgements against many political thugs used to do evil in Nigeria.
  30. Pray against earthquakes in following countries. United State, Peru and some areas in Africa.
  31. Super earthquake in Australia
  32. Earthquakes in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.
  33. The richest man in Africa and one of the richest men “computer and software giants“ in the world need to seek God for good health and mercy over their lives. “God gives power to make and to preserve”.

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