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Welcome to Grace Ministry

Welcome to Grace Ministry – a place where God is turning trash to treasure. The Bible says “Take away the dross from silver and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer” Proverb 25:4

Our Mission is to preach the gospel to everything that has breath according to Isaiah 61:1–2 “HE has anointed us to bring good news to the poor‚ to comfort the broken-hearted‚ to decree the release of captives‚ and the freeing of prisoners. To announce the year when the Lord will show His favour‚ the day when God will seek vengeance‚ to console all who mourn.

Help us to help those in need!

Mrs Chioma Emmanuel is founder of Grace Ministry where “God Turns Trash into Treasure”. Through her joint pastoral care with her husband‚ Pastor Ade Emmanuel‚ the Lord has blessed many

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Doctrinally‚ Grace Ministry (GM) stands for the fundamentals of the faith as taught in the Holy Scriptures and handed down by the Church. Consistent

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Youth Ministry Grace youth is a ministry whereby we reach out to the youth in our community to attain their God giving gifts by engaging them in musical training‚ instruments‚

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